Christian Hills

It's time to pay your 2019 dues! Click the button in the upper right to pay online! THE COYOTES ARE BACK! There have been sightings on both sides of the sub. Watch your pets!

There have been recent reports of vandalism in the subdivision and residents need to take measures to prevent further incidents. Along with home invasions, there have been many reports throughout Rochester Hills of LFA ("Larceny From Auto"), mostly involving GPS unit thefts. If at all possible, PARK YOUR VEHICLE IN YOUR GARAGE. Don't leave any valuables in your car visible to thieves. Lock your doors. They are looking for "smash and grabs". Do NOT make it easy for them!
If damage occurs to your property, please call the Sheriff's Department at 248-858-4911 and file a report.
If you witness any suspicious activity, call 911 immediately. These incidents MUST be reported in order to stop the people responsible. Please let the Board know of any damage as well.
Officer Hickson of the Sheriff's Department has provided very important tips to keep our neighborhood safe. Please click on links to the left and print out the reports for reference.