It's time to pay your 2019 dues! Click the button in the upper right to pay online! THE COYOTES ARE BACK! There have been sightings on both sides of the sub. Watch your pets!

Located at Crooks and Avon in Rochester Hills, the Christian Hills No.1 subdivision was platted on the north half of Section 20 of Avon Township in the spring of 1955. Immediately following this, Christian Hills No.2 was platted and in August of 1955, on property on the east side of Crooks Road, Christian Hills No.3. was added. Today, there are a total of 394 homes in the three Christian Hills subdivisions.

2016 Sub-Division By-Laws
Please take time to review our updated by-laws...

2016 Sub-Division By-Laws

The east side of the sub has had an on-going issue with large groups of non-resident teenage/young adult skateboarders using Kingsmere Circle as a playground, disturbing residents with noise and traffic hazards. While the boys are within their legal rights, it has become quite a nuisance for some residents. The police and city officials are well aware of the situation and ask residents to record any violations on camera if possible (e.g. littering, disturbing the peace, trespassing, impeding traffic) and do not hesitate to call 911 to have the police come address the situation.
Coyotes and Mama Deer
Watch out for coyotes and keep your pets safe. We had an unfortunate event on the east side of the sub -- a coyote ventured into a yard one afternoon last week and the resident’s dog chased the coyote across Crooks and was killed by a car.

Also, be aware of deer who may be protecting their young. We've had 2 reports of dogs being attacked by deer this week.
Important Documents...
Do we have your email address?
If not, or if you have recently changed your email address, please email Bob Schuler with your name, address and email. Numerous emails have been returned recently as "undeliverable", so please take a moment to update your info with The Board. Email is the fastest way to keep our neighbors updated with any news, announcements or reminders. Thanks in advance!
Important Reminder: CONSTRUCTION!
The Architectural Control Committee MUST review and approve ALL new construction or renovation plans for compliance. Checking the deed restrictions on Page 10 of your Christian Hills directory for official subdivision guidelines before drawing up your plans will save everyone time, hassle and money. City rules differ from subdivision rules. Contact any Board Member for more info or to submit your plans.
What our neighbors are saying...
"The Board is doing a great job! The entrances and park are looking great!" ~J. & D. O.
"Had my kids out on the new playset 2x this weekend! Great job to all who spent hours and hours getting this done for us!" ~M.D.
"The flowers at the sub entrances are wonderful. I am so cheered up by them" ~L.F.
"Thank you all who are active in the Association. Your efforts may go unapplauded but not without notice and gratitude." ~D.N.